1. The department of Pathology, Assam medical college was established in 1948. Many internationally renowned pathologists like Dr. N.C.Dey, Dr. B.D Baruah, Dr. B.C.Gogoi were associated to this department.


   At present the department is functioning in 1st floor of Basic Science buiding. Department comprises of 7 divisions- histopathology, cytopathlogy, clinical pathology, hematology, ,immunohistochemistry, flowcytometry & blood bank.the department is equipped with various sophisticated equipments which include cryostat for frozen section biopsy, 5 part hematology analyser, pentahead microscope, flowcytometer etc. The department also boasts of a museum with large number of rare specimens.

           The department runs both U.G (M.B.B.S, D.M.L.T) & P.G ( M.D, D.C.P) courses. From 2020 all DCP seats are converted to MD and total 14 MD seats are available now. The faculties are actively involved in research works and publish research papers regularly. The department organises C.M.E & workshop on regular basis.

 Vision of Department:

  1. 1). To achieve NABL accredited laboratory status.

2).  To uplift the academic and research activities in the department.


List of Retired Professor & Heads of the Department Till Date

1.  Prof. A.F. Sunderson-1948
2.  Prof. A. Gupta-1948
3. Prof. N.C. Dey-1948
4. Prof. B.D. Baruah-1958-1982
5. Prof. L.P. Dutta-1982-1984
6. Prof. K.C. Baruah-1984-1995
7. Prof. B.C. Buragohain-1995-1996
8. Prof. B.C. Gogoi-1996-2001
9. Prof. P.K. Dutta
10.Prof. D.J. Baruah
11.Prof. N. Bhattacharjee
12.Prof. A.K. Dastidar
13.Prof. M.C. Sarmah
14.Prof. R.K. Hazarika(2012-2015)
15.Prof. P. Saikia(2015-2018)























List of Current Faculties

Dr Adity Sharma
Professor & Head
Dr Mondita Borgohain
Dr. Pranita Medhi
Dr. Bobby Duarah
Associate Professor
Dr Aseema Das
Associate Professor
Dr Asha Borah
Associate Professor
Dr Aprana Dutta
Associate Professor
Dr Rashmi Deori
Associate Professor
Dr Sima Sonowal
Assistant Professor
Dr Lucky Moni Duara
Assistant Professor
Dr Zarika Ahmed
Assistant Professor
Dr Sandeep Khakhlari
Assistant Professor
Dr Nivarani Dutta
Assistant Professor
Dr Swagata Dowerah
Assistant Professor
Dr Kaveri Neog
Dr Bikash Kr. Singh
Dr Vishal Agarwal
Dr. Kamal Kishore Chelleng
Dr. Upam Sharma
Dr Utpal Dutta
Dr. Samrat Bhattacharjee
Dr  Bidyut Bikash Gogoi
Dr. Pranjal Kr Gogoi
Dr Sukanya Gogoi
Dr Mousumi Baruah
Dr Jyoti Bikash Saikia
Dr Cheng Khow Weingken
Dr Mustafizur Rahman
Senior Resident
Dr Sudeshna Dutta
Senior Resident
Dr. Rajashree Das
Senior Resident
Sri  Bharat Chutia
U. D. Assistant
Mrs. Kuntalika Kakoty
L. D. Assistant
Sri Ranjit Barman
Laboratory Technician
Sri Manjit Bhattacharjee
Laboratory Technician
Sri Ritumoni Saikia
Laboratory Technician
Sri Santosh Kumar
Laboratory Technician
Sri Jitu Barman
Laboratory Technician
Mrs. Anita Bhuyan
Laboratory Technician
Sri Lalit Saikia
Laboratory Technician
Sri  Jayanta Neog
Laboratory Technician
Sri  Gautom Saikia
Laboratory Technician
Sri  Pranjal Saikia
Laboratory Technician
Sri Dipankar Deka
Laboratory Technician
Sri  Biren Baruah
Mrs  Amiya Saikia
Laboratory Attendant
Sri Dilip Hazarika
Laboratory Attendant
Mrs  Rubi Dangoria
Laboratory Attendant
Mrs Renu Gohain
Mrs  Asha Basfor
Safai Karmi/Cleaner
Sri  Juginder Doom
Safai Karmi/Cleaner
Sri Ranjit Balmiki
Safai Karmi/Cleaner
Mrs  Nini Doom
Safai Karmi/Cleaner
Sri Shyam Doom
Safai Karmi/Cleaner
Mrs Rizma Akhtara
Safai Karmi/Cleaner
AONEI Mid-term CME organized by Department of Pathology, AMCH, Dibrugarh, September 29th, 2018.
NERC-IAPM Mid-term CME organized by Department of Pathology, AMCH, Dibrugarh, April 28th, 2019.
Conducted Quiz of 2nd MBBS students for Annual National IAPM Pathology Quiz for Medical Students II, at AIIMS Bhopal 


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List of laboratory test done in the department

Histopathology – biopsy of surgical specimen, endoscopic biopsy, frozen section biopsy, post mortem biopsy
Immunohistochemistry – lymphoma panel, breast panel, soft tissue tumor panel etc. 
Cytology - Fine needle aspiration Cytology, USG & CT guided FNAC, Cervical PAP Smear, body fluid for malignant cells, cell block study
Flowcytometry- acute leukemia, CLPD, multiple myeloma, CD64 etc.
Clinical Pathology- Routine urine exam., 24hrs urinary protein, CSF analysis, body fluid analysis, semen analysis, urine for ketone bodies, bile salt,  bile pigment, porphobilinogen, urobilinogen, occult blood in stool.
Haematology –Routine blood exam.,platelet count, complete blood count, reticulocyte count, BT, CT, prothrombin time, activated partial thromboplastin time, sickling test, ABO grouping, bone marrow study, peripheral blood smear study, sepsis profile, coombs test

Completed Research Projects

Comparative study of red cell Antigen profile among malaria infected patients and normal population from Assam and Mumbai Name of PI: Dr Mondita Borgohain
Name of Co-PI: Dr. Sanjeev Kakoti, Dr. Ram Kanta Hazarika, Dr. Vandana, D.Pradhan
Sponsoring Agency : ICMR
Date of Completion : 11-08-2019
Germline mutation spectra of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes in multi-ethnic breast cancer patients from NE region based on direct sequencing Name of PI: Dr. Rekha Devi (ICMR)
Name of Co-PI: Dr Gayatri Gogoi 
Sponsoring Agency : ICMR
Date of Completion : April 2019

Ongoing Research Projects

Population Based Cancer Registry-North Eastern Regional Cancer Registry under National Centre for Disease Informatics & Research Name of PI: Dr.Projnan Saikia
Name of Co-PI: Dr. Zarika Ahmed
Sponsoring Agency : ICMR
Development and clinical validation of a electro-thermo-mechanical phenotyping based cancer prognostic tool for better disease management Name of PI: Dr Gayatri Gogoi
Name of Co-PI: Dr. Hardik J Pandya, Dr. Gunabhi Ram Das
Sponsoring Agency : IISC
A rapid screening tool for breast cancer using diffuse optical tomography Name of PI: Dr Gayatri Gogoi
Name of Co-PI: Dr. Hardik J Pandya, Dr. Pronami Borah
Sponsoring Agency : IISC
Monitoring Survey of cancer Risk factors and health system response in North East Region. (NER) Name of PI: Dr.P rojnan Saikia
Name of Co-PI: Dr Manjit Baruah
Sponsoring Agency : ICMR
Incidental Gallbladder cancer and other pre-malignant conditions in india towards early detection of gallbladder cancer Name of PI: Dr. Projnan Saikia
Name of Co-PI: Dr Utpal Dutta
Sponsoring Agency : NCDIR 
Study on Covid 19 positive Health care workers of Assam Medical College and Hospital to Understand the clinical and laboratory behaviour of SARS Covid 2 and detection of antibodies Name of PI: Dr Gayatri Gogoi
Name of Co-PI: Dr Mithu Medhi, Dr Mondita Borgohain, Dr Reema Nath, Dr Utpal Dutta, Dr Binod Gohain
Population based cancer survival on cancers of breast,cervix and head and neck(1/3/2017 to 28/2/2022) Name of PI: Dr. Projnan Saikia
Sponsoring Agency : ICMR

Dr. Mondita Borgohain

Recognition as Ph.D Supervisor (Guide) under Srimanta Sankaradeva University of Health Sciences

Dr. Aseema Das

Awarded Member of International Academy of Cytology (MIAC) (December 2019)

Dr. Bandita Das

Awarded Member of International Academy of Cytology (MIAC) (December 2019)

Dr. Gayatri Gogoi

International Fellow of College of American Pathologists 

Dr. Zarika Ahmed Khan

Finalist award for poster presentation at 18th Annual Laboratory management and Medicine Congress (MEDLAB Congress 2019) at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Jyotimala Gogoi, PGT

1st Prize for poster presentation at NERC-IAPM MID-TERM C.M.E. on 28th April, 2019 organized by Department of Pathology, Assam Medical College and Hospital, Dibrugarh, Assam

Dr. Anuradha Sharma, PGT 

3rd Prize for poster presentation at NERC-IAPM MID-TERM C.M.E. on 28th April, 2019 organized by Department of Pathology, Assam Medical College and Hospital, Dibrugarh, Assam

Dr Shreya Kar, PGT

Won first prize in 8th NE Haematology quiz at Guwahati on 18th August, 2018

Dr Reshma Imran, PGT

2nd Prize for paper presentation at NERC-IAPM conference (NERCON)- 2018 organized by Department of Pathology, Jorhat Medical College and Hospital, Jorhat, Assam