1. The Department  of paediatrics,Assam Medical college & hospital  was established  on 1st  of April, 1961, headed by Professor Dr. Sankhadhar Baruah. It was  the  only  Children hospital  in the   undivided assam, caring the  sick children  of  neigh bouring Nagaland  & Arunachal. Since  then the  Department  is   providing service  to the  society   with  all  possible    facilities . Now  the  department is  equipped  with   all  modern  infrastructures required  for   Paediatric emergency care.


Number of Beds & Units:
Paediatric General ward: 96 beds & 7 units
PICU: 08 beds
NICU: 85 beds

Number of ICU: 03  (1 PICU , 1 NICU , 1 OUTBORN ICU )

Services providing to  patients:

Outdoor, Indoor patient management, Immunisation, ICU care, Newborn management in Neonatology unit. Chemotherapy Unit.

Special clinics:

 Neonatal follow up clinic, Hemophilia clinic, Genetic OPD

Govt. Schemes avilable  in the  department :

1. Atal Amrit Abhiyan
2. Ayushman Bharat
3. Sneha Sparsh scheme
4. MLA fund for cancer patient


Dr. Pranoy Dey
Professo r& HOD
Dr. Pritikar Dowerah
Dr. Arpita Gogoi
Associate Professor
Dr. Aditi Baruah
Associate Professor
Dr.( Mrs) Rita Panyang Kataki
Associate Professor
Dr.(Mrs) Aukifa K.S Islam
Assistant Professor
Dr. Abhijit Dutta
Assistant Professor
Dr.(Mrs) Jolly Rabha
Assistant Professor
Dr. (Mrs) Caroline D. Shira
Assistant Professor
Dr. Taniya Sarkar Dutta
Assistant Professor

Grade III

Shri Nijut Baruah(C)

Grade IV

Shri Sadananda Borgohain(H)
Shri Mintu Phukan(H)
Shri Rishiram Joshi(H)
Shri Bijoy Kr Shah(H)
Shri Babul Sonar(H)
Shri Pradip Ronghpi(H)
Smti Purnima Kalita(H)
Smti Dhanada Gogoi(H)
Smti Anita Sonowal(H)
Smti Bolbir Kaur(H)
Smti Bijayanti Doom(H)
Ramesh Basfor(H)
Rajen Doom(H)
CPAP (NEONATAL) workshop organised by Neonatology unit, Department of Paediatrics under aegis of NNF, NHM, UNICEF ON 1st and 2nd November, 2019
Dr Pritikar Dowerah

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Dr Reeta Borah

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Dr Aditi Baruah

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Dr Rita Panyang Kataki

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Dr A. K. S. Islam

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Dr Jolly Rabha

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Pathological Side Laboratory for some basic investigations like Hb%, TLC & RE urine.


"Access India Study” a multicebtric national project on pediatric cencer. An ICMR registered Project. Name of PI: Dr. Jolly Rabha
Date of Starting: July 2019
Burden of multidrug- resistant neonatal sepsis in district hospital settings in india. Name of PI: Dr. Reeta Bora
Date of Starting: September 2019
Name of Project: Fetal growth, neonatal size and its relation to body composition and insulin resistance at 6 to 10 yrs of age- A feasibility study. Name of PI: Dr Reeta Bora
Date of Starting: October 2017


Multicenter Active AEFI Sentinel Surveillance( MAASS) in india. Name of PI: Dr. Aditi Baruah
Date of Starting: 13/02/2018
Date of Completion: 20/04/2020
Blood Zinc lavel in children with severe pneumonia and effect of Zinc supplementation. Name of PI: Dr. Aditi Baruah
Date of Starting: 31/09/2013
Date of Completion: 31/10/2016
Dr. Nahim
3dr prize in paper  presentation,  ASPEDICON (30/11/2019)
Dr. Jyotibikash Sharma
3rd prize in paper  presentation,  ASPEDICON (2018)
Dr. Dilip M chowdhary
2nd prize  in poster presentation, 34th IAP annual conference of Assam  state branch. (November 2019)
Dr. Dilip M chowdhary
1st  prize  in poster presentation, university Annual Day, SSUHS (February, 2020)
Dr. Subhamitra Laskar
1st  prize  in paper presentation (ASPEDICON 2018)
Dr. Banani Thakuria
2nd   prize  in paper presentation (ASPEDICON 2018)