The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Assam Medical College was started in the year 1949 in the post independence era taking Professor R. G. Krishnan and Dr. U.C. Bordoloi as Assistant Professor. The department achieved this enviable fulfledged state of PG department under the able leadership and untiring efforts of different HOD's specially mentionable among them is Professof R.K. Borkotoky who thorned the chair of the HOD for thirty long year. It is currently under the leadership of Professor and Head Dr. Ramesh Sonowal who has a constant desire to make the department a premier centre of patient care, research and education in the country.

Over the years the department has grown gradually from its primitive state to the present state of one of leading centres of Eastern India in the field of research and training of young doctors.

Every year students from across the country come here for undergraduate as well as post graduate training. The department is actively involved in implementing the state as well as Central government health schemes besides imparting health education to Medical Officers and paramedical staffs of the region and neighbouring states.


Head of the Department since inception


Prof. R.G. Krishnan
Prof. U.P. Gupta FRCOG
Prof. S. Mitra, MD FRCOR
Prof. R. K. Borkotoky, FRCOG
Prof. Mrs. N. Dutta, FROCOG
Prof. S.N.R. Patgiri,MDPHD (USA)FICOG
Prof. S.N.Deb Sarma, MD, FICOG
Prof. S. N. R. Patgiri, MD, Ph.D (USA), FICOG
Prof. H. H. Choudhury, MD, D.G.O.
Prof. A.C. Medhi, MD
Prof. Deepa Borgohain, MD, FICOG
Prof. M. Patwari; Bsc. (Hon); DGO, MD; FIMCH
Prof. Rina Dutta; MD FICOG
Prof. Deepa Borgohain, MD, FICOG
Prof. Ramesh Sonowal, MD
2019-till date
Prof. Ramesh Sonowal
Professor & HOD
Dr. Paresh Shyam
Dr. Javed Ali
Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Pranay kr. Phukan
Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Farzana Zahir
Associate Professor
Dr. Milon Kr. Taye
Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Lithingo Lotha
Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Runjun Doley
Assoc Prof.
Dr. Kalyan Kr. Nath
Asst. Prof.
Dr. Nabajyti Saikia
Asst. Prof.
Dr. Bipul Prasad Deka
Asst. Prof.
Dr. Pulak Kalita
Asst. Prof.
Dr. Pronoti Dutta
Dr. Dhurjyoti Nandan Das
Res. Surgeon
Dr. Bina Tokbi
Res. Surgeon
Dr. Mohsina Ahmed
Dr. Bandana Kurmi
Dr. Surajeet Baruah
Dr. Meghalee Boruah
Res. Surgeon
Dr. Ashrulekha Gogoi
Bani Kumari Gogoi
Nursing Superintendent
Ruprekha Borgohain
Staff Nurse
In-charge: CSOT
Anjana Borgohain
Staff Nurse
In-charge: Labour Room
Karuna Dutta
Staff Nurse
In-charge: ANW
Lilaboti Gogoi
Staff Nurse
In-charge: PNW
Biva Rani Saikia
Staff Nurse
In-charge: Gynae Ward
Kalpana Dutta
Staff Nurse
In-charge: Septic Ward
Smriti Saikia
Staff Nurse
In-charge: FP OT
Hemlata Bailung
Staff Nurse
In-charge: Gynae OT
Jugya Prova Gogoi Shyam
In-charge: Gynae OPD
Rina Phukan
In-charge: ANOPD
Chandan Gurung
Lab-Tech (NHM)
In-charge: Laboratory
Kamakhya Gogoi
In-charge: Office documentation
Abhijit Kalita
Extension Educator
Lakhimaya Saikia
Monisha Bora
In-charge: Office documentation
Upasana Boruah
Counsellor (PPTCT)
Binita Chutia
Lab-Tech (PPTCT)
Weekly Journal clubs, Seminar are conducted in the departments
NEISAR conference 2019
Dibrugarh Menopausal society conference 2019
Dr. Ramesh Sonowal
Assoc. Prof. Dept. Of Obst & Gynaecology

1. Significance of Lactate Dehydrogenase and Aspartate Transaminase as biochemical marker and as predictors of severity of pregnancy induced hypertension and its complications.
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B. Dr. Javed Ali
Associate Professor, Dept. of Obst & Gynaecology

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Dr. Sultana Jesmin Ahmed
Assoc. Professor

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Dr. Jenita Baruah
Assoc. Professor

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Dr. Pranay Kr. Phukan
Assoc. Prof. Dept. Of Obst & Gynaecology

1. Adnexal Mass: A Clinicopathological Study At A Tertiary Care Centre In Assam, India. *DOI: Ijcmph 20191199 International Journal Of Reproduction Contraception, Obstetrics And  Gynaecology, (March, 2019).

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5. Outcomes Of Neonates In Pregnancies With Intrauterine Growth Restrictions In Developing Countries: A Cross-Sectional  Study Over A Period Of 6 Month.
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D. Dr. Anjuman Alam
Assoc. Prof. Dept. Of Obst & Gynaecology

1. A Comparative Study of Intra- Cervical Foley's Catheter PGE2 Gel Foe Per-Induction Cervical Ripening.

2. A Comparative Study Of Efficacy Of Oxytocin, Methylergometrine And Misoprostol In Prevention Of Post-Partum Haemorrhage.
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3. A Comparative  Study Of The Effects Of Programmed Labour Protocol And Expectant Management Of Labour.

4. A Comparative Study Of Maternal And Fetal Outcomes Following Induction Of Labour Versus Expectant Management In Mildgestational Hypertension At Term.
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E. Dr. Milan Kr. TayeAssoc, Prof. Dept. Of Obst & Gynaecology

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F. Dr. Lithingo Lotha
Asst. Prof, Dept of Obst and Gynaecology

1. Maternal and Perinatal Outcome of Eclamptic Patients In A Tertiary Care Hospital In Assam.
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2. Clinocopathological Evaluation Of Abnormal Utrine Bleeding In Perimanoparenal Women.
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G. Dr. Farzana Zahir
Assistant Professor, Dept.Of Obst & Gynaecology


i) Maternal and  perinatal Health Research Collaboration, India (MaatHRI): methodology for establishing a hospital based research platform  in a low and middle income country setting.
*Nair M, Zahir F, et al, F1000Research2020,9:683, Published 7th July, 2020

ii) Unsafe abortion and abortion related deaths among 1.8 million  women in India.
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H. Dr. Kalyan Kr. NathAsstt. Prof. Dept. Of Obst & Gynaecology

1. International journal publication of our research topic “A study of effect of intrapartum amniotic infusion in meconium stained liquor on perinatal outcome” in international journal in recent trends in science and technology in (Kalyan Kumar Nath1*, Farzana Zahir 2, Pranay Nath) ISSN: 2277-2812 EISSN: 2249-8109 Volume 16, Issue 3 - October 2015

2.  International journal publication of our research topic A clinical study of feto tocolytic agent nifedipine Isoxsuprine ydrochloride in preterm labour Farzana Zahir1*, Kalyan Kumar Nath2, H H Choudhury3 Volume 2, Issue 9 - September 2015 Med pulse, international medical journal.

Dr. Surajeet BoruahRegistrar

1. Laparoscopic Evaluation Of Chronic Pelvic Pain In Women: Its Present Role And Advantage Over Other Diagnostic Procedures.
*Surajeet Boruah*Pranay Phukan2016 Month : February Volume : 5 Issue : 13 Page : 560-563 Evolution. Med. Dent. Sci/eISSN-2278-4802, pISSN-2278-4748/Vol.5/Issue13/ (Feb, 2016)

Hb% test for Pregnant Women
(Urine) Albumin/Sugar test for Pregnat Woment
PPTCT counselling
STI counselling


Clinical Phenotypes and genetic regulation of endometriosis in Indian Women. (DBT project) Name of PI: Dr Rupali Baruah
Name of PI: Dr. Pranay Phukian; Associate Prof.
Date of Starting: November, 2019
MaatHRI Project (in collaboration with Oxford)
i) Induction and augmentation of labour in pregnant women with anaemia
ii) Heart failure in Pregnant Women
iii) Study on severe maternal illness
Name of PI: Dr. Farzana Zahir; Asstt. Prof (Site PI)
Date of Starting: July, 2018


Serum AMH in infertility in elderly women (ICMR project) Name of PI: Dr. Pranay Phukan; Associate Prof. Date of Completion: 2017
Respectful Maternity Care Initiative. ICMR Task Force Study. In Collaboration With Center for Catalyzing Changes White Ribbon Alliance India (WRAI) Name of PI: Dr. (Mrs) Anjuman Alam
Date of Starting: 2017
Date of Completion: 2019
Paper Presentation by Dr. P.K. Phukan in international endometriosis conference held in Jaipur (2018).
Dr. B.P. Deka has completed his gynaecological oncology fellowship from Dr. B Borooah cancer institute guwahati and is currently working as Asst. Prof in the deptt.
3rd Annual Conference North-East ISAR 2018 organised by Dibrugarh Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society; 9th to 11th November, 2018, Assam Medical College & Hospital, Dibrugarh (CME)
Dr. Priyadharshini Rajendran achieving first prize in Quiz Programme on Menopause organised by Dibrugarh Menopause Society; Assam on 29th June 2019.
Dr. Swapna S. Pillai achieving first prize in Quiz Programme on Menopause organised by Dibrugarh Menopause Society; Assam on 29th June 2019.
Dr. Swapna S. Pillai achieving 3rd position in the paper presentation at the EAST ZONE YUVA FOGSI, 2019 on the topic Silent rupture of unscarred uterus organised by Shillong Obsterics & Gynaecological Society.