1. Department of Anatomy is one of the first department to be established at Assam Medical College on 3rd Nov 1947 in the erstwhile building left by American Base Hospital. Professor SK Basu,  a reputed professor of Anatomy from medical college in Calcutta was the first head of the department appointed on contract basis. Prof O Lyngdoh was the first HOD appointed as a regular teacher.  Under leadership of dedicated teachers, the department has provided a strong foundation to the medical students through ages.
  3. Cytogenetic lab, sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India, New Delhi, the first cytogenetic lab in Assam to carry out diagnostic service for the patients, was established in the department in September 2010.  Dr Giriraj Kusre, was the first in-charge of the lab. Upgraded  cytogenetic lab, named as Diagnostic Genetic lab is presently serving the patients at AMC and is headed by Dr Pritanu Deb Baruah.  


Head of the department of Anatomy since inception-

  1. 1.   Retired Prof.  S.K Basu (1947)
  2. 2.   Retired Prof. J D Warma (1949)
  3. 3.   Retired Prof. K G Mc Dermott
  4. 4.   Retired Prof. H N Das
  5. 5.   Retired Prof. O Lyngdoh
  6. 6.   Retired Prof. Hrishikesh K Das Biswas
  7. 7.   Retired Prof. Sushanta Kumar Datta
  8. 8.   Retired Prof. Parmananda Gogoi ,
  9. 9.   Retired Prof. Sukumar Mahanta,
  10. 10. Retired Prof.(Mrs) Tarulata Handique ,
  11. 11. Prof. Roonmoni Deka,
  12. 12. Prof. Jyotirmayee Lahon,
  13. 13. Prof. Anuradha Baruah


Ex Professor & Head of the Department of Anatomy


Prof. O Lyngdoh
1960 to 1968
Prof. Paramananda Gogoi
26-07-1974 to 30-11-1993


Prof. Sukumar Mahanta
10-01-1994 to 04-08-2009 &
01-12-2010 to 28-02-2011
Prof. Tarulata Handique
05-08-2009 to 30-11-2010
Prof. Roonmoni Deka
22-02-2011 to 05-06-2013 &
01-09-2016 to 22-09-2016
Prof. Jyotirmayee Lahon
06-06-2013 to 31-08-2016
Prof. Anuradha Baruah
Oct 2016 to Nov 2019

                                                                List of the current Faculty Members of the Department of Anatomy


Prof. Giraraj Kusre
Prof. Anuradha Baruah

Prof. & Head

Dr. Malamoni Dutta
Associate Professor
Dr. Annie Doley
Associate Professor
Dr. Dipali Hazarika
Associate Professor
Dr. Farheen A Karim
Associate Professor
Dr. Deepsikha Thengal
Assistant Professor
Dr. Pritanu Deb Baruah
Assistant Professor
Dr. Bijay Kr Borah
Assistant Professor
Dr. Gautam Shyam
Assistant Professor
Dr. Anjanjyoti Rajkonwar
Assistant Professor
Dr. Subhash Miri
Assistant Professor
Dr. Natasha Gohain
Dr. Jyotsna Bhuyan
Dr. Biswajit Borah
Dr. Hrishikesh Talukdar
Dr. Siddhartha Hazarika
Dr. Amar Jyoti Borah
Dr. Neelim Ch. Thakuria

Non-Faculty Members/Other Staff


Sri Utpal Sarmah
Sri Robin Gogoi
Sri Sanju Balmiki
Bone Keeper
Sri Saurav Sadhonidar
Laboratory Technician
Mrs. Bhairabi Gogoi
Laboratory Technician
Sri Tapan Gogoi
Laboratory Technician
Sri Dipu Basfore
Sri Santosh Das
Computer Operator
Sri Dwijen Thakuria
Office Assistant
Mrs. Lupi Saikia
Govt. Wage Earner
Sri Sarat Barman
Govt. Wage Earner
Sri Suraj Balmiki
Govt. Wage Earner
a)    Workshop on Fish Techniques, Deptt. Of Anatomy, AMC, on 8th & 9th June, 2017.
b)    1st Conference of Anatomical Society of Assam, 23rd & 24th March, 2018 at AMC
c)     Anatomy faculty training : Training and demonstration of real-time PCR for deep molecular response monitoring.Date 3rd -9th Nov 2019,  External resource person : Mr. Somprakash Dhangar, Technical officer, National Institute of Immunohaematology (NIIH, ICMR), Mumbai.
d)    Webinar on Training on FISH and mFISH technique to detection of genetic disorders organized on 2nd June 2020.  Resource person Mr. Amarnath Chattarjee Metasystem, Bangalore  India
Short term training provided in the department in last 3 years

Sl no

Name of the trainee




Dikhita Baruah, BSc. Biotechnology

Cytogenetic Training

1 month January 2019


Upasana Kaushil, BSc. Biotechnology

Cytogenetic Training

1 month January 2019


Dr. Maitreyee Sarmah, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Dibrugarh University

Molecular Genetic Training

15 days  1st -15th July , 2019


Baruah J, Kusre G, Hazarika S. Profile of stillbirths in a referral hospital from Northeast India: A record based study. Jemds, 2017;6(21) 1683-1686

Dr. Giriraj Kusre, Dr. S, Hazarika

M. Sarma.  variation of sacral Hiatus in Dry Human Sacra: An Anatomical study, (Evidence base med –Health 2016: 3(60), 3238 – 3242 D.o.I 10, 18410/Jebmh/ 2016/70.

Dr. Mukul Sarma

M Dutta. Congenital uterine anomalies in women with recurrent spontaneous abortion: a case control study IJHRMLP Vol.06: NO.01 January, 2020.

Dr. Malamoni Dutta

M Dutta. Chromosomal analysis in couples with Recurrent spontaneous Abortion: a  case control study NJIRM 2018 ; Vol 9 (4) July – August 

Dr. Malamoni Dutta

A.Doley. Histological study of thyroid gland in some mammals. JEBMH-pISSN-2349-2562,eISSN-2349-2570/vol.4/Issue74/sept.14,2017. Pg4387.

Dr. Annie Doley

Rubi Saikia,Bijoy Kumar Borah, Jyotirmayee Lahon, Natasha Gohain.“Incidence of Interparietal (INCA) Bones in the population of Assam”. Journal of Evidence based Medicine and Healthcare; Vol.2, Issue 31,August 03,2015; Page: 4574-4578,DOI: 10.18410/jebmh/2015/644.

Dr. Bijoy Kr Borah

G Shyam. Gross morphology and diameter of renal corpuscles of young Human adult of Upper Assam region of India JEMDS, Published on 3rd September 2018.

Dr. Gautam Shyam

Natasha Gohain, Rubi Saikia. “An Anatomical Study of Coronary Artery Dominance in Human Cadaveric Hearts”. Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences 2015; Vol.4, Issue 57, July 16; Page: 9897-9902.DOI: 10.14260/jemds/2015/1432.

Dr. Natasha Gohain

Natasha Gohain, Rubi Saikia. “Morphological study of myocardial bridge on the coronary arteries in human cadavers.” Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research; June 2015:Vol-4, Issue-3,P.214-220.

Dr. Natasha Gohain

Rubi Saikia, Natasha Gohain, Santanu Kr. Sarma. “Attitude towards Anatomy as a Prospective Career among Undergraduate Medical Students.”Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences 2015; Vol.4, Issue 41, May21; Page: 7122-7126,DOI: 10.14260/jemds/2015/1036.

Dr. Natasha Gohain

Thakuria N C, Mitra S, Sarma J D; A morphological study of calcarine sulcus in adult human brain; International journal of scientific research; volume: VIII; issue: 1; January 2018 

Dr. Neelim Ch Thakuria


A. Diagnostic Genetic Laboratory

Staff of Genetic Lab:-
1. Dr. Pritanu Deb Baruah, Incharge, Asstt. Professor
2. Mr. Gautam Hazarika, Ph.D Scholar 
3. Mr. Debajit Saikia , SRF
4. Miss Lucretia Hazarika, JRF
5. Miss Pompi Saikia, Lab. Technician
6. Sri Rama Basfore, Lab. Attendant.


B.  Preservation and embalming of cadavers


Ongoing Projects

“Incidence of imatinib resistance and associated BCR- ABL Kinase domain mutation among chronic myeloid Leukemia patients in North East India Population"

PI- Dr Giriraj Kusre, Co-PI – Dr Pranjal Dutta, Assistant professor of Medicine, Dr. A. Rajkonwar

“Genetic Causes of Miscarriage in spontaneously aborted foetuses and their parents - A Hospital Based Study”

PI – Dr. Pritanu Deb Baruah, Co. PI.- Dr Giriraj Kusre , Dr. Kalyan Nath, Asstt.Prof. Gynae, Dr. A. Rajkonwar, Dr. D. Thengal

“Prevalence of Fragile X syndrome and its neuropsychological correlates among children with developmental delay attending OPD services of  Assam Medical College and Hospital, Dibrugarh”

PI. Dr. D.J. Bhuyan, Asstt. Prof. of Psychiatry, Co. PI- Dr. Pritanu Deb Baruah

Completed PG Thesis 

“A Clinico –Haematological Profile of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia with special reference to B2A2 and B3A2 mutation” .

Dr. Rahenur Islam, PG Medicine.

“ A Study of Association of GLUIT-I Gene (XbaL) Polymorphism in patients of Diabetic Nephropathy”.

Dr. Ashutosh Singh, PG Medicine

Ongoing Ph.D Thesis 

Characterization of Imatinib Resistant BCR-ABL positive Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) Patients: A Hospital Based study”

Mr. Gautam Hazarika

Ongoing PG Thesis 

“Signal Transducer  and activator transcription 4 Gene polymorphism in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and its relation to disease severity” 

Dr. Vishal Agarwal, PG Medicine

“XmnL Polymorphis in thalassemic children and its association with HbF level and the severity of the disease”

Dr. Kumari Naina, PG Paediatrics

“Chormosomal analysis of retained products of conception of first trimester Pregnancy Loss” 

Dr. Aundrilla Hazarika, PG Obst. & Gynaecology.

Dr. Malamoni Dutta

Dr. Malamoni Dutta was awarded the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) by Gauhati University on November, 2019 for her thesis titled “A Hospital Based Study on Repeated Spontaneous Abortion with Special Reference to Anatomical and Cytogenetic Abnormalities of the parents “ under guidance of Dr. Jagadish Mahanta, former director R.M.R.C. Dibrugarh cum distinguished scientist chair , I.C.M.R. , New Delhi.